State of the Mob: October 9, 2017

Day: Show (Time PST/Time EST)


Monday: Jody’s World (12PM PST/3PM EST); MultiNyte w/ StarmanRJK (6PM PST/9PM EST)

Tuesday: The Legend of K4tlyn (3PM PST/6PM EST); TorchFork Tuesday (6:30PM PST/9:30PM EST)

Wednesday: IndaChair w/ Alucard – Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited (5PM PST/8PM EST)

Thursday: The TorchFork Cup, Mario Kart 7 w/ K4tlyn (3PM PST/6PM EST); The Game Show (6PM PST/9PM EST)

Friday: ManBear’s Cave (3PM PST/6PM EST); Retro Haven w/ Phanff (6PM PST/9PM EST)

Saturday: Good Morning Pokemon! (8:30AM PST/11:30AM EST); TFM PnP Stream (12PM PST/3PM EST) Come at me Bro! Pokemon w/ K4tlyn (7PM PST/10PM EST)


The Off Switch Week

This week’s Monday is going to be down one switch show as our favorite cereal brand SgtKellogg takes a well earned break at the local Honeymilk Spa. Reports say that various bloodthirsty pokemon and junior swat squids will be joining him at the establishment. Law enforcement suspect that this gathering may be related to the local pile of painted rubble, formerly the Ferrum Stadium, that appeared this morning after a rowdy Sunday night.


Paris Forge