State of the Mob: May 22, 2017

Day: Show (Time PST/Time EST)

Monday: Jody’s World (2PM PST/5PM EST); Retro Haven w/ StarmanRJK (6PM PST/9PM EST)

Tuesday: The Legend of K4tlyn (3PM PST/6PM EST); TorchFork Tuesday (6:30PM PST/9:30PM EST)

Wednesday: IndaChair w/ Alucard (5PM PST/8PM EST)

Thursday: The TorchFork Cup, Mario Kart 7 w/ K4tlyn (3PM PST/6PM EST); The Game Show (6PM PST/9PM EST)

Friday: The TorchFork Cup, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe w/ SgtKellogg (3PM PST/6PM EST); Retro Haven w/ Phanff (6PM PST/9PM EST)

Saturday: Good Morning Pokemon! (8:30AM PST/11:30AM EST); ManBear’s Cave (2PM PST/5PM EST); Come at me Bro! Pokemon w/ K4tlyn (7PM PST/10PM EST)

Sunday: Randark’s Classic Gaming Challenge (6AM PST/9AM EST); Retro Haven Coop w/ Ohia_Lehua & StarmanRJK (11AM PST/2PM EST); Reliving the Horror (8PM PST/11PM EST)


Thank You Everybody!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our charity stream on Saturday! We learned a lot during the process, and we look forward to hosting more events like it in the future. The support from you viewers is always the most heartwarming part of the TFM experience—even hotter than our TorchForks.


Are TorchForks Good Candles?

It has been nearly a year of TFM streaming, and of course we’re gearing up for one hell of a celebration when that time comes. Monday, July 17 marks our one year anniversary. Our big celebratory stream will take place during the weekend before. Keep checking in for updates on what we’ll be doing for this benchmark event!


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