State of the Mob: April 24, 2017

Day: Show (Time PST/Time EST)


Monday: Jody’s World (2PM PST/5PM EST); Retro Haven w/ StarmanRJK (6PM PST/9PM EST)

Tuesday: The Legend of K4tlyn (3PM PST/6PM EST); TorchFork Tuesday (6:30PM PST/9:30PM EST)

Wednesday: A fresh show? w/ Kellogg (1PM PST/4PM EST); IndaChair w/ Alucard (5PM PST/8PM EST)

Thursday: The TorchFork Cup, Mario Kart 7 w/ K4tlyn (3PM PST/6PM EST); The Game Show (6PM PST/9PM EST)

Friday: Retro Haven w/ Phanff (6PM PST/9PM EST); Free2Play Friday w/ Stylomax (9PM PST/12Midnight EST)

Saturday: Good Morning Pokemon! (8:30AM PST/11:30AM EST); Retro Haven Coop w/ Ohia_Lehua & StarmanRJK (11AM PST/2PM EST); ManBear’s Cave (2PM PST/5PM EST); Come at me Bro! Pokemon w/ K4tlyn (7PM PST/10PM EST)

Sunday: Randark’s Classic Gaming Challenge (5PM PST/8PM EST); Reliving the Horror (8PM PST/11PM EST)


A New Show?

We might have a new competitive show coming soon, and it’ll be hosted by the ever chill Kellogg! Our circuit of multiplayer hosts have some of the most interactive shows. Be sure to check Kellogg out if you see us online after 1:00 PM this Wednesday!


Pokemon: Doubles

After the glorious monotype tournament—where K4tlyn and I lost spectacularly in round 1—the next tournament on the docket will be double battles! This Saturday will be our usual free-for-all combat, but get your protects and earthquakes ready by next week! If you want to join this competition, come talk to us on our discord!


A Better Time for Freedom?

Stylomax, our reliable Free2Play Friday host, is thinking about switching to an earlier timeslot. Perhaps the weekend, although that would mean sacrificing half of the show’s name. The MMOs and other free2play zones offer our best chance to get a huge load of players in one place, but the current time slot is too late for a lot of people. If you have suggestions about when you’d like to hop into the Free2Play worlds, let us know!


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