Hope in Isolation

Hello torchbearers! As always, welcome to the mob. First off, let me announce TorchFork Mob’s upcoming charity stream on May 20, 2017. We’ll be playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for 14 straight hours, and we’d love for you guys to join us as we try to survive to the end. All proceeds will go to Charity Gaming.

Charity Gaming provides video games for children who are suffering from chronic diseases. It’s a service I find noble and admirable, and I’m so glad to know it exists.

I’ve often heard the term “humans are social creatures” in one form or another in recent years, and I wholeheartedly believe that. Isolation is a terrible place to be. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, I don’t believe there are any sane people who don’t enjoy the company of their friends. The loss of friendships and relationships are among the worst emotional burdens. It’s pure heartbreak. Unfortunately, chronic diseases often force people into a state of isolation—endless chains of treatments, hospital stays, and futures filled with uncertainty.

Children are new to the world. They’re meant to be exploring and experiencing what the universe has to show them. Isolation and pain shouldn’t take up so much of their lives. It’s great that children’s hospitals exist to help, but it’s equally saddening that we need them in the first place.

Video games are an amazing outlet. They require very little physical stress and movement while opening up an interactive environment that people have the freedom to explore. There are so many genres for all sorts of personalities. Video games have stories and new realms like a book; music composed of simple tunes or beautiful symphonies; different art styles that can be pixilated, fluid, monochrome, or extravagant; and different levels of mental and reflexive challenges. Playing them is an amazingly effective activity to engage so many senses.

That’s before I even mention the joy of it. I’m sure any gamer can give a testimony of how they can ignore their surroundings when they’re fully immersed in a game they enjoy. They forget their discomforts, unease, and hunger as they enjoy the passing time. A person can live their days in different, unfamiliar lights when they’re entertained. Readers do the same when they have a great book in their hands. Watchers can dive into the movies and shows they resonate with. Gamers, old and new, may travel through and interact with their favorite digital universes.

Lives happen fast, but cures come slow. If a child can’t go to other places, I’ll always support bringing those other places to the child.


Paris Forge